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Dial Fusion is a complete contact center solution offering unlimited depth, scope, and power to any business or enterprise with communications needs.

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The New Standard In Call Centers

Dial Fusion is the only unlimited dialer on the market, it is customizable to your needs. This dialer is unique and great in every way possible.

With Dial Fusion you have the freedom to add multiple seats at any time, and you will also be able to personalize each seat with a brand of your choice.


Inbound, Outbound & Blended Call and Email Handling

Dial Fusion provides innovative inbound, outbound, and blended call and email messaging solutions that increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee efficiency. Contact us to learn how Dial Fusion can help your business. 

Full USA, Canada and UK Regulatory Compliance Capability

When it comes to advanced regulatory compliance solutions and state-of-the-art dial tone quality, Dial Fusion has always set itself apart from the competition. We’re here for you when you need to solve problems or add new features to avoid disruption in your business.


Outbound Agent-Controlled, Broadcast and Predictive Dialing

Streamline and automate dialing for large-scale robo and predictive dialing. Increase agent productivity by automating time-consuming dial management tasks. Fusion’s rich feature set, production-proven technology.

Ability To Have Agents Operate Remotely

Dial Fusion specializes in creating call center software for remote agents that operate from home. With the assistance of computer systems, call center agents can now operate from any area. This consequently allows for a larger customer base as well as enabling businesses to offer round the year support.

Make Your Calls Count

Use technology to drive results. The Dial Fusion software platform allows you and your agents to share important client information, including pictures, emails, addresses, and call notes.

The Future of Inbound Dialing

Create your own inbound dialing lists. This feature allows you control over creating, managing and launching custom inbound dialing lists for various purposes. These lists can have fields such as name, address, etc.

Keep Customers on the Phone

Dial Fusion provides a solution to allow the caller to be able to transfer calls, with customer data (such as contact information or inquiry ID), to the closer on the local system, or if a remote Asterisk server is used, then transfers the call there for handling by the remotely located personnel.


Dial Fusion Goals & Capabilites


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Early Adopter Satisfaction Rate

Internal Early Adopter Reviews

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the software. Hard to find a better experience elsewhere. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a competitively priced and open-source dialer system for their SaaS company.

Micah E.

Associate Head of Affiliate Offers, Text Calibur

It is simple to use. We relatively use it for outbound calls. There is an option to view the status of each person logged in. Every person logged in has a different randomly generated dummy phone number assigned.

Stevie S.

Lead Software Project Manger, Xanadu Marketing Inc.

Dial Fusion is free, open-source, and regularly updated. It has a very active support forum which is pretty easy to find answers to many common issues you may come across. The community is extremely helpful and encouraging.

Phil W.

Online Sales Manager, Mountain Top Affiliate Network

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Dial Fusion is a complete contact center solution offering unlimited depth, scope, and power to any business or enterprise with communications needs.

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