Why Every Call Center Should Be Using Hosted Dialer Software

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If you’re doing any sort of outbound calling campaigns, the success of your efforts is all about efficiency. 

Whether you’re doing cold calling and lead generation, surveys, follow-ups, or even market research– the number of actual, living people you can get on the phone dictates how well your campaign goes. 

If your agents are manually dialing, there will always be an element of wrong numbers, answering machines, misdials due to human error, and disconnected calls. (Not to mention that dialing constantly is a mundane, repetitive task.) 

And if your agents are using slow, buggy contact center or dialer software, they’re not going to get you the results you need.

By using the right dialer software or contact center, you can increase your productivity and talk time, and ultimately reach your goals. 

Notice how we said the right dialer software. 

We’d like to introduce you to Dial Fusion, the perfect contact center software for you and your company, whatever your needs may be.

In this article, we’re going to give you many of the reasons Dial Fusion is a cut above other contact centers, and explain why you shouldn’t settle for anything else.

So what sets Dial Fusion apart?


Every Call Center Should Be Using Hosted Dialer Software


One of the primary reasons you shouldn’t be using any other dialer software is because Dial Fusion is hosted on our dedicated servers that are 2-3 times faster than other contact centers.

Have you ever seen an unknown number, decided on a whim to pick it up, only to wait 2-3 seconds before a human being answered (often sounding surprised)? Is this happening to the people you’re reaching out to? Let’s put an end to that once and for all.

Because our servers are so fast, they eliminate lag, making sure calls stay connected, and getting real people on the phone faster and more reliably.

Most other dialer systems are web-based and voice over IP (VOIP). With our dedicated, lightning-fast hosting, you’re going to get the best service anywhere. 

When you’re using Dial Fusion, you’re using the fastest, most reliable auto-dialer on the market.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime


When you’re not using our hosted dialer software solution, you run the risk of your dialer going down. We guarantee you that you will have an uptime of 99.9% so you can have confidence that your business can function like a well-oiled machine.

If your contact center/dialer software goes down, your business is dead in the water, and you’ll be losing revenue by the second. You need a 99.9% uptime to protect your bottom line. Can your VOIP or web-based software guarantee you that like we can?

Hosted Dialer Software Means Bullet-Proof Security


Dial Fusion understands the importance of protecting your data and your customer’s data, and we’re fully committed and equipped to ensuring its safety.

The way our data centers are set up, each one is fully segmented from other centers, and our users are only allowed access to their own data. Additionally, if there is any access to the data by any user (even our System Administrators), we log it. 

If you’d like, we can also work with your team to build the perfect level of user-specific security. This means that we can gather your requirements and needs, and grant multiple levels of access depending on your company’s roles– from users to supervisors and everything in-between.

Finally, we create back-ups every single night, and keep those for seven days.  We also  make full back-ups of the entire week, and keep those for two weeks. 

But our industry-leading security, speed, reliability are only the beginning. 

There’s Nothing More Affordable


Dial Fusion includes all of the features we’ve mentioned so far, and all for the staggeringly low price of $10 per seat, per month. For the sheer amount of features, speed, and reliability, that’s a price that can’t be beaten. 

In terms of carriers, the choice is up to you. You can bring your own VOIP carrier if you prefer, or you can use our VOIP services at $.00954 per minute. We don’t claim to be the cheapest on the market in that regard, but at the quality of call we deliver on our servers, the price is definitely competitive, and definitely worth it.

What does your contact center software cost? I bet we can beat it.  

Industry Leading Support


When you use Dial Fusion, you’ll have access to our seasoned, industry-leading support team. We offer a strong range of software support, as well as consultations. If you ever have any trouble, just reach out– we’re here to help.

We can also help you with your system planning. Let us architect your auto-dialer perfectly, building you the exact setup your business needs. We’ll take your usage and requirements into account, and since we know the inner workings of the software, we’ll ensure the most efficient setup.

We also offer integrations of Dial Fusion with existing CRMs and other systems. Dial Fusion integrates with many other applications, so let’s discuss your integration needs today.


We’re Affiliate Marketer Friendly


If you’re using a contact center for your affiliate marketing, you want to make sure it’s one that’s going to get you the most prospects on the phone with fewer drops and no delays.

We’re intimately familiar with affiliate marketing and understand the importance of phone calls to generate sales. Here at Dial Fusion, we are absolutely affiliate-marketing-friendly, and many of our features would be beneficial to your campaigns (let alone the speed and quality). 

As long as you’re adhering to all of the guidelines of TCPA, we welcome and encourage affiliate marketers.


Excellent Reporting


Out of the box, you’ll have access to dozens of reports that are already set up for you, and they’ll all be included in Dial Fusion. Things like call time reports, inbound/outbound reports, and specific agent reports are just the beginning. 

All of your reports will be available in the Automate Reports tool, so they can be scheduled to run at specific times, and sent out by email or uploaded to an FTP server.

And finally– don’t just run reports for things that already happened– look at the present and look to the future. You can also run real-time reports with simple, click-to-listen monitoring of agents, and run detailed and advanced forecasting reports. 


Many More Features


In addition to everything mentioned here, we also offer a tremendous amount of out-of-the-box features to streamline your workflow and give you the very best hosted dialer experience on the market. 

Other features include:

  • Inbound, Outbound, and Blended handling of calls, with options for Inbound Email and Chat 
  • Fully integrated call recording
  • Multiple ways to dial, including predictive, broadcast, and agent-controlled
  • The ability to have agents work from almost any computer that’s got an internet connection
  • An integrated web-based phone, no setup required 
  • Simple to use call back scheduling
  • And many, many more


Ready to Upgrade to an Affordable Hosted Dialer?


Dial Fusion is a robust contact center solution that will offer you all of the tools you need to reach the next level with your business. 

Let us show you the unlimited depth of how a hosted dialer can be the future of your business, finally giving you the power and scope to communicate at the quality and scale you deserve.

If your ready to experience the superior, new standard in call centers, let’s talk today.